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Yay, free time! You know what that means...


SATO (SANODG & KATO) - Triple3t
SATO (SANODG & KATO) - Triple3t
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I like this song from Groove Coaster, so I had to step it. Triple3t is mostly 12th notes (3 notes per beat, get it?). Expert is full of 12 notes, and has a few easy 24th note patterns. Hard is pretty fun; watch out for the hard part 3/4 of the way in. I forced Medium to be a 6, and I think it ended up cool.

REDALiCE & aran - Sweet Requiem
REDALiCE & aran - Sweet Requiem
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This one's a doozy. Pretty intense song by my new favorite artists. Expert warms you up in the first half, then throws you into the fire that is 190 BPM 16th streams. There's also kinda fast 12th notes throughout. The entire last half is a real test of skill. Hard and Medium cool down on the 16th notes, thankfully, and focus on the main melody. Give Easy a try too, if you want. It's different. Also, let me know how well you do on Expert! I'm interested to know.
Gull's Arrows 7! Wow. Guess I'm gonna work on Gull's Arrows 8 soon!

Gull's Arrows 7 (32.0 MB)
Gull's Arrows 7

Voices Of Nebula - Verses Of Inner Sectors
* Fixed a wrong arrow.

Gull's Arrows - Best
* Reworked, now has 30 songs!

Gull's Arrows - New Banners
* If you downloaded my numbered packs, here's a folder of new and better banners that you can swap in!

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