AutoStepper: New & complete tool for automatic step generation

Unhappy with current generation tools, I set out to make my own that had these important features:

* Generate all difficulty levels
* Generate holds & jumps
* Obtain banner & background art
* Run locally without interaction
* Process multiple music files at once
* Multiple beat detection methods
* Cross-platform support

So, here it is -- AutoStepper by Phr00t's Software:

It works on a common line with arguments, which are all optional. If you just run the Java program, it will scan & process all mp3s (and wavs) in the current directory, and spit out folders for each song in the same directory (90 seconds worth of steps by default).

The arguments are:

input=<file or dir> output=<songs dir> duration=<seconds to process> synctime=<offset start time in seconds> tap=<true/false>

If you set tap=true, AutoStepper won't try and automatically calculate the BPM or offset, and will instead prompt you to hit ENTER along with 30 consecutive beats. AutoStepper will then do the rest.

It is best to let AutoStepper run through a whole bunch of music, and ones that it might not get exactly right -- to then pull out & use tap=true on them.

You can also use the output as a base to further edit & perfect songs, with AutoStepper doing most of the dirty work.

Enjoy, it is free! Designed for pad use, I should add.

- Phr00t

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StepMania 5.1 Beta 1 released

The StepMania project is proud to announce the release of StepMania 5.1 Beta 1; this is the first publicly-released beta build based on the "5_1-new" branch (see roadmap update for details), so it is significantly different from the previous alpha builds named "5.1" that were released in 2016.

StepMania 5.1 focuses primarily on internal enhancements, especially for content creators (including but not limited to controller support improvements, support for custom songs in profiles on USB drives, fullscreen improvements on X11, a large number of new modifier effects, and a new image caching system), while preserving compatibility with StepMania 5.0.x content such as themes and noteskins. Speaking of themes, by far the most significant, user-visible change on 5.1 is a new default theme known as Lambda, which features a brighter appearance and a cleaner interface.

Source code, a Windows installer, and a macOS binary build are available now. If you encounter any issues with this release, please do not hesitate to report them on our GitHub issue tracker. Please note that StepMania 5.1 uses a separate folder for user files and profile data than StepMania 5.0, so you may have to migrate content to the new location, or configure alternate locations separate from your user data directory.

For more information, including a detailed changelog and downloads, visit its release page on GitHub.

Edit: There were some issues with the Windows installer originally uploaded (particularly, it did not identify itself correctly or use "StepMania 5.1" as the installation path). This has now been fixed. Additionally, a macOS version is now available.

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StepManiaX SDK now available!

The SMX team has released an SDK for integration of all the SMX stage features! Any devs with SMX stages might be interested. :)

We are pleased to release the official StepManiaX SDK as a special gift to the StepMania community. This provides theme developers with direct access to all of the StepManiaX Stage features found in our configuration tool. (panel lighting, calibration, sensitivity settings, etc) We look forward to seeing what you do with it!

Also, we're preparing a release for the new year. I had intended to release it today, but some final changes still need to be made. Happy 2018 everyone!

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Registration enabled again, site update

Thanks to Fenrir we've got a new captcha and I've turned registration back on again. Hopefully it helps!

I've also started building a new backend for the site. There should be a lot of new features to go along with future game updates, improvement to basic stuff like the download page and some visual updates, but it won't be ready this year. All current accounts and posts will be carried over to the new system when it's ready.

update: registration is disabled again, the relief from spam was short lived and came back worse than ever. I apologize to anyone who can't register because of this, I intend to fix it when I overhaul the site in 2018

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StepMania 5.1, 5.2 roadmap update

Due to the amount of remaining work needed, the scope of changes, and in response to feedback about difficulty with new systems: StepMania 5.1 is now going to be postponed to 5.2, and to bring some of 5.2's less invasive and more demanded features to people we're going to be backporting things onto 5.0 for version 5.1.

Features planned for 5.1 include:

* Loading songs from profiles on USB drives
* PacDrive support
* Updated default theme
* Profile improvements (including switching stats XML to an SQLite database)
* Mouse support for all platforms (may not be used in the default theme - but available for others)
* Stencil-based masking by default instead of zbuffer masking, so masking 3D objects behaves better without resorting to render to texture.

Further, to address compatibility concerns, this release should be almost entirely compatible with 5.0 content, so long as it doesn't depend on an already-deprecated API or the default theme (fallback will be fine). Small updates may be needed due to changing behavior of things like masking, but we don't intend to break anything major for this one.

EDIT: Also, help wanted with maintaining the website. It's PHP/SilverStripe, and the source is on GitHub. If anyone is interested in working on anti-spam measures or being a forum moderator so I can re-enable the registration form, please contact me via #stepmania-devs IRC or Twitter (@shakesoda).

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StepMania 5.1.-3 released

Latest StepMania 5.1 release is 5.1.-3.
Read the release notes for info on updating themes and noteskins.

Notable changes:
* Default noteskin is now similar to 5.0 default
* When picking songs for edit mode, they are displayed in a menu, instead of one at a time. Also, you can use page up and page down in the menu.
* Menu of recently edited charts for quick navigation when returning to editing.
* Loading autosaves temporarily disabled.
* More control over the notefield in edit mode, allowing you to adjust the noteskin, zoom, and other fields. (zoom 0.2, y offset 0. Smaller notes, and receptors are in the center.
* Practice and Edit Courses temporarily inaccessible.

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StepMania 5.0.12 & Forum status update

StepMania 5.0.12 is out!

This post is a bit late, but the fixes in this build are pretty minor. Includes some crash fixes and should not break compatibility with any existing content, so all users are encouraged to update.

Note that the pause menu is enabled in this build to fix accidental backing out on soft pad. To access the menu, press back twice.

As for the forum: registration is temporarily disabled until...

1) We get some new anti-spam measures on reg/posting
2) Password reset emails are fixed
3) I've enabled SSL on the server (this is a longstanding todo, I feel like it's rather irresponsible to still not be using it in 2016)

Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll try to get it all sorted out soon.

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Master branch moving to 5.1

In a couple weeks, the 5_1_0 branch on the stepmania repository will be merged into the master branch.
Anybody that maintains a forked project based off of stepmania's master branch should switch to using the 5_0 branch instead of master.
No more releases are planned in the 5.0.x line, and there probably won't be any further commits made to the 5_0 branch.
The 5_0 branch exists only to allow backporting of fixes if someone other than the main stepmania team wishes to do so.

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StepMania 5.1.0 Alpha 2 released

StepMania 5.1.0 Alpha 2 release notes
Bugfixes, NewField improvements, and a new fullscreen backend for linux.

StepMania 5.0.11 release notes
This will probably be the last release in the 5.0.x line. Maintaining two separate branches is a hassle, and the 5.1 branch is in good shape.

Game Servers Broken Quick

Everything melted after an awesome showing from Staiain at AGDQ, thus giving me a marvelous afternoon, but we seem to be back in order now...

Welcome to all the new and returning players, and have fun smashing those arrows!

EDIT: I see we've also been brought up by PC Gamer, further hammering the server, but the load stats point to us being just fine!
EDIT 2: Now we're trending on Facebook. Hi everyone!

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StepMania 5.0.10 released

A special dual release this time:
1. The mainline stable release of StepMania 5.0.10, with many bug fixes and a few new features. Some of the bug fixes and features relate to compiling for those that compile StepMania from source.

2. An alpha release of StepMania 5.1.0, which has the beginnings of structural changes to StepMania. This is for noteskin and theme authors who want to create or port noteskins or try out the new modifier system.

Make sure you put the right treat in your bag, and have a happy Halloween from the StepMania team!

KNOWN ISSUE: When upgrading from an older version of the game, uninstall manually. If it's too late and the game crashes at startup, uninstall and delete the _fallback folder, then reinstall.
This is being looked into

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StepMania 5.0.9 released

StepMania 5.0.9 has been released, with various minor changes, mostly bug fixes from 5.0.8.
You can read the release notes on GitHub for more details, and the downloads are below the release notes.

Happy Father's Day from the StepMania team!


Since 19th June 2005, Stepmania 3.95 has enriched the lives of over 9,999 stepmania players around the globe - players and developers alike - with features such as 717x616 resolution support, the goodest default theme and noteskin, and GLORIOUS XML BGanimations!

Stepmania 3.95 has also been an absolute haven for developers of both themes and gimmick simfiles, providing HOURS of fun when creating even the most simple things that you just don't get with any other version of stepmania - you just don't know what that WaCkY stepmania engine will do next!!! What will happen when you pick that option in the edit menu? WHO KNOWS! Fun for the whole family guaranteed!

And not only that, but making a cool gimmick simfile in stepmania 3.95 renders you a PRO! Why use something easy and BORING like stepmania 5 where everything's pretty much done for you, when you can be a REAL MAN like the machine code programmers of the past and write your code in the number one programming language - XML!

So let's all raise our glasses to ten years of the greatest version of Stepmania ever to exist - Stepmania 3.95!

So long, and thanks for all the memories!

Anyone that's been even remotely paying attention saw this one coming.

I never was that frequent of a contributor. I was just kind of there, but because the project was so dead, I was still one of the primary influences on StepMania.

That has changed. GitHub has been a very positive influence on StepMania, not only pulling new contributors out of the woodwork, but also motivating old developers to take a more active role. Today, there is frequent, even daily work being done on refactoring the code and moving SM forward. I've faded into the background, and in the past year-ish have contributed little more than causing the occasional drama in the IRC channel.

So, it's time to formalize what de-facto happened months ago. I'm leaving the StepMania project, in pursuit of other things. I'm making this news post not out of some kind of conflated self-importance, but historcally, SM has suffered from numerous people simply disappearing with no explanation, and I don't want to be one of those people. I'd like to at least still be in the background in case people have a question about the codebase that I can answer, and not a ghost in the code that has long since faded into obscurity.

If you have any questions for me, I'll try to keep my GitHub account and this account up to date and take a peek occasionally. In addition, I'll probably still idle in the IRC channel, and there's a few people that know other channels to reach me.

You guys have fun now!

StepMania 5.0.8 released

StepMania 5.0.8 has been released, with various minor changes, mostly bug fixes from 5.0.7.
The Windows installer was generated slightly wrong. Make sure to install to "C:/Games/Stepmania 5.0", do not install to Program Files.
You can read the release notes on GitHub for more details, and the downloads are below the release notes.

Happy Shakesoday Mother's Day from the StepMania team!

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The news forum is over here if you need it!